tha Durrty Souff!

Here's where you'll get update of my place and plenty other of the main happenin's of my time in Louisiana
Here's a few updates since...
\/\/007! New car!
Holy Shi'ite, my main room is finally The Green Room. (And it even looks almost homely!)
Take the Basic Knowledge Quiz 2006!
    (2k5 revised for errors, only 3 new questions)
⇒ Right click on the link, "Save target/link as"
⇒ Email me (, subject: "basic knowledge 2k5") the .txt back with all you're answers typed in
⇒ I'll grade you and email you back you score with correct answers.
Remember folks, it's a test, so if you use the internet you're only cheating yourself!
Boredom insued on the first couple nights without the internet...
My first artwork hung!
One of the benefits of living alone: It dudn't matter what (or who) is on your desktop!
Ah... The luxuries of fine dining!
I'm getting used to LSU's school colors, but you can still blame Mike Jones ⇒